3 Fun Facts About Digital Products










(1) Digital Products Create Passive Income - It's literally as simple as creating something once and getting paid forever.  No Post Office.  No Postage.  Just making money in your sleep, waking up to sales.

(2) You Sell Them Online Without The Hassle - A digital product sold online is accessed globally.  With that being said there's no issue of packing, shipping, low inventory, lost packages, stolen packages, breakage or spoilage.  The best part, when setup correctly, your digital products are delivered on automation straight to the customers inbox.

(3) They Can Be Fairly Complex or Super Simple - Do not over think this.....It can be a 6 week course or 1 page PDF. 

The following are examples of digital products:

- PDF download

- Online Courses & Webinars

- Printables

- Membership sites

- Workbooks

- ebooks

- Digital Art

- Audiobooks

- Spreadsheet

- Music & Audio

- Photography

- And so much more.....

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