3 Effective Ways To Grow Your Business During The 2018 Holiday Season

It's that time of year when every business, big or small is getting ready for the holiday season!  Here's a few tips I've discovered that's worked for me!

1. Affilliate Marketing - This can be a great unique selling point for your business.  Creating a way for your customers to make money with you and not just spend money with you will set your business apart from the competitiion!  All major brands, such as Walmart, Lyft & Amazon have all grown their brands from the benefits of affilliate marketing!  Guess What?  Even with your small business, you can create an affilliate program!  Below is an example of how affiliiate marketing can benefit your small business.  

2. Give Something Away - Customers Love FREE!  Collect emails in exchange for a chance to win something.  So the 2-3 weeks leading up to the holidays, give away something related to your big item you're selling for the holiday season.  Announce 3 winners & those who didn't win, you can easily retarget them for your holiday sales.

3. Collaborate w/ Other Brands - that compliment your brand.  Just like I mentioned in my first book, Goal Digger Tips, there's coins in collaborations.  Never collaborate with brands you're in direct competition with.  That's like introducing your bae to a better looking man or woman!  For example, if you sell makeup, then partner with a hair company.  If you sell hair , then partner with a company that sells eye lashes. Collaborate with another brand that compliments yours!  Hair, makeup & eye lashes all compliment each other, so why not collaborate! 

You and the other company may host a package giveaway in exchange for someone's email, at the end of the giveaway, you both share the new list of emails you've collected and retarget those who didn't win to purchase your products!  

Hope this information was helpful!  Send me a message and share your 2019 Holiday Stategy!

The Best,

Tina Lee Jones

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